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THE PROFESSIONAL the projects which i have been part of in the industry, post my graduation. this includes all project details, team sizes, technology, technology domain, business domain, nature of project, description, my role, my responsibilities, any special achievements and outcomes of these products, tools and services.
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Industry Projects of Sumith Kumar Puri - The Professional
I graduated from Sri Revana Siddeshwara Institute of Technology, Bangalore as Bachelor of Engineering, Information Science in July 2003. These are the projects which I have been part of, since my graduation, in the Software Industry. This list includes software products, software services or software applications done as part of my employment but excludes internship and entrepreneurship projects. The Internship, Entrepreneurship Project which are more of Research Nature, are enlisted here on this website.

#19 [Dec 2021 – Sep 2022] [1] UNO NeoBanking. Philippines/Singapore and [2] Tesco Strategic/WoTF Scheduler, United Kingdom (Xebia IT Architects, Bangalore)
Products/Projects: UNO NeoBanking (Platform & API Development Lead, Framework Architect), Tesco WoTF/Strategic Scheduler (SDE-III/Architect)
UNO NeoBanking is a NeoBanking App to initially be launched in The Philippines for the Customer, UNO Bank. My Next Project was for the Large Retail Customer, Tescco wherein I was working on the Architecture/Design of Strategic/WoTF Scheduler.
Environment: Windows >
Roles: Architect, Manager/Lead*, Developer > Team Size: 30+ > Technologies: Java, Java EE, Spring Boot, Microservices Data Management Patterns, Distributed Transactions, AWS Step Functions, AWS API Gateway, Coding Standards/Quality, Agile, JSON, Scheduling Algorithms*

#18 [Mar 2021 – Jul 2021] Fedex  PROUD for Fedex Europe/US (Mphasis, Bangalore)
Products/Projects: PROUD (Architect/Developer)
Fedex PROUD is to be used for Pricing Optimization for the courier and cargo business of Fedex Europe/US*.
Environment: Windows > Roles: Senior/Principal Architect, Developer, Tester > Team Size: 30+ > Technologies: Java, Java EE, Spring Boot, REST, GitLab, Maven

#17 [Nov 2019 – Aug 2020] Ultria Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) (Ultria/Zycus-iContract, Bangalore)
Products/Projects: Ultria CLM (Senior Product Development Manager/Principal Software Architect)
NextGen Software/IT Product stands for Next Generation and is aimed to be a Integrated Corporate Booking Tool that wraps around a Multittude of Existing IT/Booking Related Systems Under One Product or Gateway. It was an absolutely Scratch Development, that was to gradually become part of the Company's IT/Business in Various Geographies, across Phases. I was the Architect/Developer in the Team. Managed/Lead Strategic R & D Team Size of 06 Members.
Environment: Windows/Linux > Roles: Principal Architect, Manager, Developer > Team Size: 07 > Technologies: Java, Java EE, Sprng Boot, Spring Cloud, Hibernate, Microservices, Microservices Data Management Patterns, Netflix OSS, Docker, K8s*, AWS/Cloud*, JVM/GC Tuning, Agile/Scrum

#16 [Dec 2018 – Jun 2019] Agiledge Transportation Manager - Atom v1 / Atom v2 (Agiledge Neoffice, Bangalore)
Products/Projects: Atom v1/v2 (Head of Product Engineering)
Atom v1/v2 is the flagship product of Agiledge in the area of Transport Optimization. It allows organization to create and edit the daily transportation schedule of their employees. Atom performs optimization using proprietary algorithms. It also allows management of drivers, vehicles, employees and also has an associated iOS and Android App. Managed/Lead Team Size of 17* Members.

Environment: Windows > Roles: Head of Product Engineering, Architect, Manager, Developer > Team Size: 17 > Technologies: Java, Java EE, Spring Boot, Spring Data, Hibernate, JPA, Infinispan, JVM/GC Tuning, Memory/Connection Leaks, L1/L2 Cache, MySQL, Database Tuning, SQLYog, Agile/Scrum

#15 [Jul 2018 – Oct 2018] NextGen Booking Tool for Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Philippines (Collabera, Philippines)
Products/Projects: NextGen (Senior Java/EE Architect)
NextGen Software/IT Product stands for Next Generation and is aimed to be a Integrated Corporate Booking Tool that wraps around a Multittude of Existing IT/Booking Related Systems Under One Product or Gateway. It was an absolutely Scratch Development, that was to gradually become part of the Company's IT/Business in Various Geographies, across Phases. I was the Architect/Developer in the Team.

Environment: Windows/Linux > Roles: Architect, Developer, Tester > Team Size: 30+ > Technologies: Core Java, Jakarta EE, Spring Boot, REST, Apache Maven, GitHub, Docker, C4Model, Microservices, Amazon Web Services

#14 [Aug 2015 – Feb 2017] TradeBeam for Aptean, Bangalore (Aptean, Bangalore)
Products/Projects: GTC, GTM, Savaria, DHL CS (Software Development Architect)
A Suite of Products towards the Goal of Automating and Facilitating Global Trade Management.
It provides features like Product Classification, Party Screening, Document Management and Workflow. It also includes managing and updating legal and compliance content on a regular basis. It also includes custom development for specific customers, to integrate with their needs of Global Trade Management. 
Environment: Windows > Roles: Architect, Analyst, Technical Lead, Developer > Team Size: 10+ > Technologies: Java/J2EE, JBoss, Weblogic, EJB, JAX-WS, Apache CXF/JiBX, Apache Lucene, Hibernate Search

#13 [Feb 2015 – Jun 2015] Radia Client Automation (Java) for Accelerite, Bangalore (Persistent, Bangalore)
Module: Multiple (Architect/Developer)
The sheer number of platformS and device types — from servers, PCs, thin clients, VDIs, and mobile phones to industry-specific devices like ATMs, POS devices, and medical devices — continues to multiply. Traditionally, as new platform and device categories emerged, IT teams brought in an additional solution to manage the platform or device group in parallel to their existing management infrastructure. For most organizations, a collection of parallel point solutions is not a scalable endpoint management approach.Radia solves this challenge with a smart, unified solution to manage all of your enterprise endpoints.
Environment: Windows > Roles: Developer, Tester > Team Size: 15 > Technologies: Java/J2EE, Infinispan, Arquillian, JBoss, CDI, REST, EJB

#12 [Nov 2014 – Feb 2015] Provian (Java) for Paladion, USA (Paladion, Bangalore)
Module: Multiple (Senior Java Technical Architect)
Provian is a “smart” integration of threat & vulnerability management. Envisioned as a platform available to CISOs which not only provides them with an enterprise view of threat and vulnerability status but also the intelligent information based on historical data populated by correlating threat and vulnerability information.
Environment: Windows > Roles: Developer, Tester > Team Size: 10 > Technologies: Java/J2EE, Drools Fusion, Drools Expert, Apache Camel, JBoss, HornetQ

#11 [Jan 2014 – Apr 2014] Infosys iBuy (Procure Edge) for Infosys, Pune (RareMile, Bangalore)
Module: Type Ahead (Technical Architect)
Infosys ProcureEdge helps global enterprises move their procurement function to the next level by enabling them to realize rapid and sustainable spend savings while providing transformational business benefits across the Source-to-Pay (S2P) life cycle. Delivered in the Cloud, Infosys ProcureEdge is a flexible and scalable platform, which can be deployed rapidly enabling enterprises to enhance savings, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and improve supplier performance and compliance measures
Environment: Windows > Roles: Developer, Tester > Team Size: 3 > Technologies: Java/J2EE, Solr, Lucene

#10 [April 2012 – June 2012] Silver Moon Group Insurance Application Architecture (IAA) for Silver Moon Group, South Africa  (Metabyte, Bangalore)
Module: Billing System (Software Architect)
Metabyte works on development and customization of insurance related products, based on the IBM Insurance Application Architecture. It is a set of API built using Spring, Hibernate with the database DB2 to meet all use case needs related to an insurance workflow. The core product is then customized to meet the needs of multiple customers.
Environment: Windows > Roles: Developer, Tester > Team Size: 10 > Technologies: Java/J2EE, Spring, Hibernate, Websphere, DB2

#09 [March 2011 – June 2011] 53 Product Bundling System for Fifth Third Bank, Ohio (SLK, Bangalore)
Module: Batch Processing (Technical Lead)
Fifth Third Bank engages in five main lending and banking practices: Branch Banking, Consumer lending, Commercial Banking, Investment Advisors, and Fifth Third Processing Solutions. They also operate a Title insurance division. Fifth Third Bank operates under an Ohio charter. The batch processing system takes care to categorize processed records by the applications at scheduled intervals for efficient processing.
Environment: Windows > Roles: Developer > Team Size: 10 > Technologies: Java, Spring, Spring Batch, Maven, JUnit, Tomcat, UML

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#08 [September 2009 – March 2010] CMC Market Maker Trading for CMC Markets, UK (Headstrong, Bangalore)

Module: Trading Platform (Onsite Technical Lead)
CMC Markets is a renowned name in the area of financial spread betting and other such instruments. It provides the infrastructure and exchange to run a parallel financial exchange for the trade of spread bets, contract for difference, forex, indices, etc. Market Maker is the product which enables all of these with the Trading suite of applications forming the core of this application. Apart from providing the required services, it also provides other value added services such as log viewer, security, message analysis.
Environment: Windows > Roles: Developer > Team Size: 12 > Technologies: Java, JUnit, Oracle, JavaMail, XML, Google Protocol Buffers

#07 [June 2009 – September 2009] Y! Cloud for Yahoo, USA  (Yahoo, Bangalore)
Module: Serving Engine (Technical Lead - IC)
Y! Cloud is a product in the cloud computing space that allows for maximum utilisation of the software and resources available. The main architectural components are Serving Engine, Nimbus and Resource Model. These are developed primarily using Spring, Hibernate. The database is on mySQL. The user interface components are built using Struts and YUI. This product is expected to be used by other Yahoo properties, to utilise the software infrastructure to the maximum. The other tools which are being used in the project are Maven, SVN, Eclipse, Bugzilla. There is a web services layer which is built using Jersey.
Environment: Windows, Unix > Roles: Designer, Developer > Team Size: 12 > Technologies: Java/J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JBoss, Tomcat, Ajax, REST, mySQL

#06 [April 2008 – June 2008] Misys Bank Fusion for Misys, UK (Misys, Bangalore)
Module: Bank Fusion
Misys Banking is the specialist banking solutions business within Misys plc with a customer base across retail banking, corporate and wholesale banking. Misys Treasury & Capital Markets (TCM) creates integrated solutions for financial institutions to manage their capital market activities across multiple asset classes. Misys Sophis is a leading provider of cross-asset portfolio and risk management solutions for the financial services industry. Misys Sophis enables clients to achieve better trading performance and processing capabilities, improve monitoring and reporting, and enable effective risk management across all asset classes. Misys Open Source Solutions (MOSS) creates products to service the financial and healthcare industries.
Environment: Windows > Roles: Developer > Team Size: 8 > Technologies: Java, JUnit, Tomcat

#05 [February 2007 – March 2008] Symantec Server Foundation for Symantec, USA  (Symantec, Pune)
Modules: User/Login Manager, Grouping Manager
Symantec Server Foundation is a suite of enterprise applications, whose prime functionality is managing configuration, change, patch and provisioning in a data center environment. The application is built using Java/J2EE, and has a home-grown services framework akin to the EJB 2.1 specification. Also, the custom built persistence mechanism is similar to Hibernate 2.0. The presentation layer is built using Spring 2.5, with dependency injection of the services and use of Ajax through GWT framework. There is a web services layer which is built over the core services, using JAX-WS. The authentication is done using JAAS. There is also a CLI interface to the application. Tomcat 6.0 is the web server supported, with the container (application server) to support business services being spawned from the web server. There is role-based server configuration with inter-server communication via secure web services channel.
Environment: Windows, Unix > Role: Senior Developer > Team Size: 20 > Technologies: Java/J2EE, JAX-WS, JAAS, Junit, JSP, Servlets, Ajax, Tomcat, SQL

#04 [May 2006 – January 2007] Huawei Integrated Server Application Platform for Huawei, China (Huawei, Bangalore)
Module: Workflow Management System
Workflow Management System, part of the Huawei Integrated Server Application Platform is primarily used for business process management, task scheduling and prioritization. Its primary components are Admin Tool, Modelling Tool, Security Tool and the Workflow Engine – each with their own well defined responsibilities. The workflow engine component is a J2EE architecture based solution, with considerable use of EJB 2.1. It supports persistence using the Hibernate 2.0 framework. Also, multiple application servers are supported, including JBoss 4.
Environment: Windows, Linux > Roles: Senior Developer, Module Lead > Team Size: 15 > Technologies: Java, J2EE, EJB, JMS, Struts, Hibernate, JBoss, SQL, PL/SQL

#03 [June 2005 – March 2006] GXS Trading Grid for GXS, USA (GXS ITC, Bangalore)
Module: Registration, Identity Manager
GXS Trading Grid is a global integration platform for exchange of information in real-time between businesses. This involves B2B e-commerce and Electronic Data Interchange. The product architecture is Java/J2EE based. The presentation tier is based on Struts 1.1 and the business-tier components are primarily on EJB 2.1. There is an internal messaging component in the product which is JMS/MDB based. The target application server is Weblogic 8.1.
Environment: Windows > Role: Developer > Team Size: 8 > Duration: Jun 05 – Mar 06 > Technologies: Java, J2EE, Struts, JMS, Weblogic, MDB, EJB, JAXP, Oracle XDK and PL/SQL

#02 [December 2004 – June 2005] Siebel e-Business Suite for Siebel Inc., USA (Siebel, Bangalore)
Module: Siebel Sales/Forecasting
Siebel e-Business Suite supports multiple modules for various industries and domains. The forecasting module is used to forecast revenues depending on various industry parameters. It is a completely configurable product, with the core modules developed in C++. The web-based version of the product is based on Java/J2EE technologies including Struts 1.0
Environment: Windows > Role: Developer > Team Size: 6 > Technologies: C++, J2EE and SQL

#01 [August 2003 – November 2004] DHL Shared Data Services Platform for DHL Worldwide, Malaysia (Infosys, Bangalore)
Module: Global Reference Information v2.0, v2.1 and v3.0
Global Reference Information, part of the DHL Shared Data Services suite of applications is primarily used for data management in the courier and cargo offices of DHL. It involved in its scope, data migration and end-to-end services for CRUD operations of various business entities. This is a Java/J2EE architecture based solution, with Struts 1.1 being used for the presentation layer and EJB 2.1 based services on the business tier. The database it supports is Informix and the target application server for deployment is Weblogic 6.1.
Environment: Windows, Unix > Roles: Developer, Module Lead > Team Size: 35 > Technologies: Java, J2EE, JSP/Servlet, Javascript, Struts, EJB, Weblogic and SQL

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